Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Andertalk Cartoon Forum

Over at the new Andertalk Cartoon Forum, there is a topic about pens. Below is an edited version of one of my postings there:

I went thru a period of using charcoal and conte crayons. My wife says she likes this period a lot, but it was a pain to control the line, and, well, of course, you can't really erase anything.

But, now that I see it again today, I do like the swirly, swooshy effect going on in the above panel.

The second cartoon below, which appeared in Barron's, I drew with a one of those Micra Pigma pens. A small one. A #2 I think. You can see that some of the line reproduction is weak. I need to up my line strength.

Related: Mark Anderson announces the Andertalk cartoon forum.

Thanks, Mark, for starting up fun cartoon forum!

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Mark Anderson said...

Wow, a nice mention at the Lynch blog and Andertalk is flooded with members.

Seriously, you rock Mikey! Thanks for the mention!