Monday, May 03, 2010

VELIA, DEAR by Rina Piccolo

Rina Piccolo announces a new Webcomic: her own VELIA, DEAR. The comic begins today, with updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rina's new strip is "a humorous look at the life of Velia, a young woman who trades her inner city lifestyle to move in with her aging Italian mother."

Rina notes:

"While I continue to love the world of the newspaper comics page, I just feel I have so much more to give, and — I gotta tell you — the independence of an on-line strip, with its liberties and lack of censorship, sounds like a hat I want to try on right now, just for laughs.

"Oh, and something more … I’ll be blogging often — not just words, but cartoons and comics, too. Check in regularly here and at and I promise I’ll try not to bore you."

Yes, this is in addition to Rina's own 2 syndicated comic strips (TINA'S GROOVE, SIX CHIX) and her gag cartoon output. Not to mention her work in the SYNCOPATED COMICS books.

This may make her the hardest working woman in the comics biz!

Draw, Rina, draw!

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Joe Luzzi said...

i love these so much :)